Harrisonburg's Own Comedy Troupe


No Strings Attached originated in 2009 from a former Harrisonburg improv troupe and is commonly known around the area as NSA Improv.

While they’re no longer with NSA, we still like the following people, and feel the need to tell you that they were once a part of us!! Our former troupe members are:

Amanda Carlton

Amanda moved to Richmond, Virginia in May 2010 with her husband and son, leaving 7 sad improv troupe members behind.  Her smile, wit, and singing (and karaoke) voice are sorely missed.


Alex Goryuk

Alex left NSA in March 2010.  Alex left to follow Sarah, who stole his heart and his presence from NSA (fair enough).  His accents and classic miscommunications created such comic moments that are simply irreplaceable.


William (Bill) Howard

Bill left NSA to pursue his other passion (other than improv): music.  His band, The Judy Chops, is a local favorite, and plays often in Harrisonburg and/or Staunton.  Check them out, if you have a chance – it’s well worth the trip!


Rachel Jenner

Rachel left NSA in July 2012 to focus more on developing the drama club at Broadway High School, where she also works as a teacher for students with learning disabilities.



Bethany Popelish
Bethany left NSA when she had married and moved to Waynesboro. She currently performs with the Staunton based improv troupe, Groovecat Comedy. Check them out sometime!